Rock 2019. Start your target group management. Now.

Good start to the new year? Nice and relaxed? Ready for new things? The new year started with these or similar questions, after we took a few days at a slower pace. And then: sounded out the situation in the office, waited until colleagues, customers and partners were all back again.

Our glance also fell to the beautifully positioned Christmas cards from customers and partners. Who sent me Christmas greetings? Did I address all key contacts on the brand-oriented forms and with my more or less legible signature? And hopefully everyone received our wonderful calendar in good time. Then it was time to bin all the cards so we could start the new year with a clean slate.

The benefit of the year-end and new year rally is hotly disputed. For the purpose of maintaining personal contact it is probably essential and necessary, internally as well as externally. Its added value within the scope of substantial target group management is however clear: Everyone does everything kind of the same, everyone expresses thanks, everyone wishes everyone all the best, everyone uses nice quotations. And of course everyone also posted everything. The communication department drives the company’s messages through the social channels. Pictures or videos of employees from the visit to the Christmas market should not be forgotten. Employees who cheerfully hum simple songs with a red Christmas hat testify to an enthusiastic community and strong corporate culture.

Just under two months, like in a trance. It’s high time to concentrate on what’s essential again at the start of the year: our objectives as well as the day-to-day operations. And it’s best done straight away. January is an excellent time to start the management of the two most important target groups for 2019 with high-profile marketing and communication measures: customers and partners as well as the staff.

Take your employees along on the journey

Once again the commitment and performance of your staff are essential for your success this year. But do your people know what should be achieved in 2019? Maybe you summed up 2018 at the Christmas party and presented an outlook. But who listens intently when the smell of delicacies wafts in the air and the end of the year is to be properly celebrated.

Take advantage of the mental vigour of everyone at the start of the new year – and create a strong information and motivation package to give your employees a clear focus for 2019: What objectives has the company? What’s good, what still needs to be improved and what has to change? What’s paramount for you, in particular what do you expect from your employees for the achievement of objectives?

Send your binding key messages now. They become more important, even internally, when you communicate them to the outside – naturally after informing the employees. For example, you should also inform the most important media or spread the key messages via the social channels.

Surprise your customers and partners now

Let’s be honest. What customer and partner expects detailed information for 2019 already at the start of the year. It certainly did not feature in the Christmas and New Year’s greeting.

Take the opportunity now to make your clients aware of the benefits of a collaboration and partnership with you. What new products are you launching? When, where and how are you approachable for your customers and partners, what can they look forward to this year? For example, guide them with precision to a world of experience on your homepage with a strong brand presence. Constantly update this with relevant content during the year and inspire with an exciting design of text and graphics. Draw your customers and partners back to the place again and again. The longer your target group spends with you, the less time they have for the competition.

Present your brand from its best side so you can rock 2019. The possibilities in marketing and corporate communication are diverse in order to inform, activate and inspire your employees as well as customers and partners today with an ingenious package of measures. Stay on the ball, actively guide your target groups and help them to be successful this year in their business operations. Fascinate your staff as well as your customers and partners! Hit the road now – and become a Chief Winning Officer in 2019.

My skills for your success (selection):

  • 25 years of experience in marketing, coporate communication, brand management and investor relations
  • Over 3,000 projects for increasing customer centricity and operational business activities and strengthening corporate identity
  • Positioning (Coaching) of 40 board members, managers and heads of departments

You have questions about my offer or a specific requirement? I am happy to help you and look forward to hearing from you.