My “retrospective outlook”

This is my “retrospective outlook” that I have just sent to my customers and business partners:

2020 was a successful year, for which I am grateful. Grateful in particular for the trust and appreciation shown towards me by my customers and business partners. Or in modern speak: #ichliebeesmeinenkundenzuhelfenerfolgreichzusein. (#Ilovehelpingmycustomerstobesuccessful.)

At the same time, this year has been a challenge. I have supported new customers, freed myself from what’s usual and proven, changed my perspective and dared to do new things. Will my changes be successful in the long-term? I will do everything I can to ensure this is so: hands-on, strategically, passionately.

For me as a marketing and communication expert, precisely in the dramatically changing world of business, it is important to get to grips and help with all the problems. With a strong mindset: curious, confidently and in a solution-oriented manner. That’s why I’m looking forward to the coming year and to new challenges.

I wish you all the best and much success, and above all good health. You too can convey enthusiasm, curiousity and optimism to your network, we need that more than ever. For example, in your Christmas messages. And simply leave out words like corona, crisis, pandemic and virus.

Last but not least: If you too want to do something good at the end of this year, here is my tip: 1.12.2020 is #GivingTuesday, the worldwide day of giving. I will again take part this year. With my donation, I will support projects such as the SOS-Kinderdörfer for environmental and climate protection, with which children and families in poor countries will be provided with help to secure a future worth living from a social and ecological point of view.