How you can go from Leader to Chief Winning Officer

Miele was recently declared “Germany’s most admired company” by the business magazine Bilanz. In its study “Germany’s most admired companies” the magazine looked at the reputation of around 300 German companies and surveyed over 1,400 top managers. Ratings in the categories quality of management, quality of products and services, as well as social responsibility, among others, were included in the overall result.

This impressive result would probably not be achievable if Miele did not convince customers everyday, for example with excellent product quality or fast and reliable services. It also would not be attained if Miele did not satisfy the expectations of other relevant target groups, e.g. staff, suppliers or journalists.

So that all performances of a company are visible externally and internally, active, regular and targeted marketing and communication work is also an important success factor. For instance, Executive Director and Co-Proprietor Dr Markus Miele emphasizes that the company with all its employees has been “acting consistently in line with the brand promise ‘Forever better’ for 120 years”. A set of basic values as a daily guiding principle logically generates profit-making situations – for the company itself, but also in particular for the relevant target groups so that they are successful in their business activity. I call all leaders and managers in Miele who constantly succeed in communicating these top performances Chief Winning Officers.

Ultimately anybody can become a Chief Winning Officer. Irrespective of whether you are responsible in strategic or operational projects as a member of the Executive Board, a Managing Director, Division, Department or Project Manager or employee. As a Chief Winning Officer you achieve the set goals with your marketing and communication work. You inform, enable or inspire your relevant target groups and convey this added value. Your customers and business partners become fans of your products and service offers – and thus fans of your company and your employees.

My skills for your success (selection):

  • 25 years of experience in marketing, coporate communication, brand management and investor relations
  • 10 years heading the global department at international market and technology leaders
  • Over 3,000 projects for increasing customer centricity and operational business activities and strengthening corporate identity

You have questions about my offer or a specific requirement? I am happy to help you and look forward to hearing from you.