How start-ups successfully market strategic development

Opening up new market segments and a focus on growth areas require consistent strategic development for start-ups. The successful anchoring of a new company direction is achieved with clever marketing and active communication. This short success story shows how “Teiimo GmbH” achieved this step successfully.

„Wearable Technologies“: Smart second skin

Founder and CEO Markus Strecker, an internationally recognised expert in the area of “Wearable Technologies”, started out as a start-up in 2014. With a focus on sport, he developed a solution for recording biometric data that is integrated into the garment. From 2017 onwards the conformable system of sensors, conductors and electrical units which is integrated in the company’s running shirt „iinmotion“ provided endurance athletes with valuable data for training optimisation, including heart rate and step detection, as well as heart rate variability.

Through development projects and customer enquiries potential emerged both in the medical and healthcare market, as well as in the area of work safety. Building on this, the in-house technology was further developed over the last two years: the system is now easier to use, is more versatile and more effective. Today more biometric data can be captured and transferred and evaluated in real time through the use of modern IoT technologies – and in compliance with the applicable data protection regulations. Important factors in order to be able to develop customised solutions for customers.

Marketing strategy with new value proposition

A new and unique claim was developed to improve customer management for “the smart second skin, which helps people to live healthy and save lives”: “Improving the quality of life of people”. At trade fairs such as the Düsseldorf-based MEDICA, the recording and transmission of a 12-channel electrocardiogram (ECG) in real time was presented in a powerful and convincing way. This was also incorporated in the direct communication with potential customers so that it was also possible to impress here with this dynamic presentation. The Internet is being revised accordingly.

Active communication with investors and customers

The communication strategy was initially directed towards the development of the equity story with the aim of acquiring a strong partner for financing the growth potential. For this the pitch deck and the pitch presentations were also revised. The numerous awards which confirmed not only the technological competence but also the significance and relevance of technology in solving social challenges had a positive effect on the external communication: For example, Teiimo GmbH was included in the “TechBoost” programme of Telekom and won the “FastForward” award for new technology companies at the electronica trade fair. The strategic development was also actively communicated in key media channels.

Outlook: With its strategic development, as well as a clever “Covid 19” strategy, Teiimo 2020 has laid the foundation for a positive future. CEO Markus Strecker describes this measure in the July edition of the „elektor industry“-Magazine.

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