I’ll make you outstanding.


I’ll make you outstanding.

The British philosopher and mathematician Alfred North Whitehead once said: “The art of progress is to reserve order amid change, and to preserve change amid order.” I further developed the robust foundation of my marketing and communication consultancy. A new market presence with a unique value proposition. For more information please visit my webpages for entrepreneurs and small businesses, start-ups and SME’s listed below.

Ramp it UP

Upgrade your ongoing marketing and elevate your business.

UPgrade your ongoing marketing and elevate your business opportunities as an entrepreneur and small business, start-up and SME. I help you to build and develop a robust and distinctive foundation, to highlight your uniqueness, to hone your strenghts and to make the added value of your range of services visible. You will thus increase your name recognition, become interesting for your customers and stand out from the crowd. You will become worth seeing for your customers.
Move UP:


Manage your change projects successfully.

Manage your change projects convincingly as an entrepreneur, managing director and leader. As a SME, secure your realignment and further development with the help of six success factors. Shape your future now. Provide orientation, create a spirit of optimism and anchor a new attitude: (only in German).


Increase your business success in the USA.

Raise your business to a higher level on the other side of the Atlantic. Together with The O’Connor Group, an agency for strategic marketing and advertising in Roanoke (Virginia, USA), I am helping European companies to expand their market presence and their operational business in the USA and vice versa. Increase your business success in the USA.

My story

If your market presence needs a name.

From inconspicuous to striking.
From meaningless to interesting.
From exchangeable to unique.
From ordinary to outstanding.
I help you to UPgrade your ongoing marketing and to make you outstanding for your customers. Who am I? What’s my passion? What are my strenghts?
And what I particulary like about my work:


Hopefully you or your network might find valuable impulses for your work from my blog:

For start-ups: Supporting start-ups to get fit for the future

For SME’s in Germany (> 250 employees): How SME’s incorporate a whisteblower system (mandatory for SME’s in Germany from end of 2021 onwards)

For companies operating in China: Managing strong brands in China successfully


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